The Fool is Never “Foolish”

The Fool is Never Foolish

Take a risk, a leap of faith

Card zero of the major arana is the Fool, some schools of thought believe this is a remnance of the joker from the playing cards upon which the Tarot may have historical links with, however many believe he represents the “Hero” on his life journey – well documented by many writers, philosophers and artists throughout the decades, especially Joseph Campbell who illustrates the 12 steps of the hero towards enlightment or transformation.

The Fool will enter into new territory creating a new future for himself using his vast life knowledge, helping to make decisions in the challenging times of his future on this new path.

His innocence and faith in the future is paramount in the journey, who knows whether he will succeed or fail, being crowned with success or crash to the ground, will he learn to fly like a fledgeling as he takes his leap of faith and who will he meet along the way – welcome to the Major Arcana, the journey of us all through life, with the challenges and hurdles in our path.


~ by Tarot World on July 7, 2011.

One Response to “The Fool is Never “Foolish””

  1. If there are 22 cards in the major arcana, why isn’t The Fool number 1?

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